Looking forward to buy a double door refrigerator for your kitchen? This article will surely help you to select the right brand of refrigerator available in the market. Though there are many brands which offer some of the best features in their refrigerators still there are some which are worth getting their names mentioned for their quality. There are some basic features which are available in the refrigerators segment yet some features are what make the refrigerators of different brands distinct. So, if you are set to buy a double-door refrigerator this summer then you can consider buying refrigerator from the following brands.

  1. Panasonic

Panasonic was founded back in the year 1918. It is a multinational electronics corporation which is known for manufacturing best quality home appliances. The Japanese company is one of the leading sellers of refrigerators in India. The double-door refrigerators by Panasonic are provided with features such as frost free defrosting and many others. They are available in different capacities and the most important feature of these refrigerators is that they are high on energy efficiency.

  1. Godrej

Godrej Group was founded in the year 1897. The Indian conglomerate has its headquarters set up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company has diverse sectors of operations ranging from real estate to consumer products. The double-door Godrej refrigerators are available in different capacities ranging from 200 litres to 600 litres. Most of the refrigerators by Godrej are provided with features such as super cool mode, freezer lamp, door alarm, etc.

  1. Whirlpool

Whirlpool Corporation is an American company which manufactures and supplies the global market with electronics home appliances. Whirlpool is the most preferred brand of double-door refrigerators. The company provides best quality of refrigerators in the market. The refrigerators are infested with latest technologies along with low power consumption to help the customers to cut short their electricity bills.

  1. Samsung

Samsung is a South Korean Multinational company which is known for supplying the market with many home appliances all over the globe. Samsung provides the Indian market with some of the best double-door refrigerators. Samsung refrigerator are energy efficient and are provided with latest features such as Digital Inverter Technology, Moist Fresh Zone, Cool Pack and Deodorizing Filter.

  1. LG

LG is another South Korean brand with its products and services available in most of the countries over the globe along with India. LG refrigerators are known for their quality and durability. The brand not only ensures good product quality but is also focused to provide double-door refrigerators with different capacities and features. They consume less energy and are available in a capacity range of upto 850 litres. LG refrigerators are provided with features such as Power Cut EverCool, Humidity Controller, Moist Balance, etc.


You can consider buying double-door refrigerators by any of the above mentioned brands as they are top selling brands in India which provide the customers with best quality refrigerators. You are not only provided with large capacities but also with some of the best features within an affordable price range.