Rugs and carpets are amazingly functional and greatly effective for every interior theme. Apart from infusing cushioning and comfort in a room, rugs can add immensely to overall design of the room, creating the perfect warm feeling. At the same time, rugs can work wonders in preventing unwanted damage to soft flooring and can work like protection against pet pee and everything that can spill. Here are some quick tips to buy rugs.

Don’t follow rules

Earlier, people would want to buy rugs that could slide under the sofa legs, but these are passé now! Today, rugs are more like standalone items in the house and can work wonders to supplement an existing theme. From a simple zebra hide rug to something that’s a basic mix of colors, there are choices for all spaces. However, you have to be extra sure how to place the rug and the purpose it would service. Sometimes, a vibrant piece can just take the simplicity of a basic sofa set to the next level.


Play with ideas

If you check any of the good online stores, you will find that rugs are varied in designs, cuts and styles. There are no more rules regarding the shape and print, and one can place a piece in almost every corner of the house. A great idea is to add a love seat or a Tete a tete sofa to the living room and place a rug in the front with plenty of cushions. This will just help in creating that small cozy nook, which can be used for deep conversations and reading times.

Finally, don’t miss on using colors. Bright rugs may seem too dazzling for your home, but if you are a fan of accenting interiors, carpets and rugs are simplest elements that can be changed anytime, as needed.