If you’re looking to stay cool this summer, you might feel like you’ve tried everything. Everyone loves hanging out outside, enjoying the sunshine and the warm weather. But sometimes it feels like it’s just too hot. That’s why verandas and pergolas exist. They’re designed to give you the shade you need to stay outside during even the warmest summer weather. However, sometimes even shade above your head is not enough to keep you cool. When the sun begins to set in the late afternoon, your pergola might not provide any shade. If you’re feeling frustrated and you need some help, check out some of these suggestions.

Roller Screens

Roller screens are designed to keep an area shady when the sun is hitting the area from an angle. They’re available in different densities, colours, and dimensions. A roller screen can offer flexible protection from sunlight. If you don’t need it, you can roll it up and keep it out of the way of your view. When the sun starts to peek under your veranda cover, you can roll it down until the sun is out of sight. Screens can stay attached to the roof for storage as well.

Roller screens can also be used for homes, restaurants, window covers, and more. You don’t have to use them outside, although it is an excellent strategy for getting extra shade from underneath your pergola. Roller screens in Melbourne are easy to find. Just be sure to get the right measurements and pick up your custom-made roller screen.



People sometimes forget that fans can be used outdoors too. In fact, they work really well. Because hot air can get stuck under the ceiling of the pergola, the fans can push it out and keep the area underneath cool and refreshing. Depending on the size of your veranda or pergola, you might need more than one fan. You can use indoor fans or outdoor fans, but usually outdoor fans are more durable and can stand up to natural elements better, due to their hardware and electrical components being cleverly hidden away.

Try an Awning

Similar to the problem solved by roller screens, awnings are solid metal frames usually covered by durable outdoor-cloth material that can withstand sunlight for extended periods of time every day. Awnings protect against sunlight coming in from an angle, and are best used in the early morning or late afternoon to protect individuals sitting underneath their pergola while the sun is in front of them or behind them, instead of above them. Awnings can be rolled up when not in use, and can stay safely attached to the roof of the veranda for storage and minimal visual blemish.

While there are other techniques and tips to use to protect yourself from the sunlight during the summer, these are excellent products to help you get started. Be sure to see how the sun hits your shaded area during each part of the day to make sure your new shading and cooling product provides relief efficiently before you install it.