As the end of summer fast approaches, you’ll notice your lawn preparing for autumn. Trees will shed their leaves, and bark will harden as it prepares for another harsh Alberta winter. But before the colder weather hits, it behooves you to make sure your trees are healthy before winter comes. Have you looked at the trees in your yard lately?

What diseases have attached themselves to the roots and limbs of your trees and shrubbery? You could be dealing with termites, budworms, carpenter ants, or any number of arboreal diseases such as shoe string root rot. How can you tell if you need a tree pruning or tree removal service? What about if you have a tree that is so overgrown that the light barely comes through the branches, or what if you have damaged or diseased limbs beginning to fall onto your property?

Many homeowners view their lawn as so much more than just a plot of land where their house is located. A yard is an extension of one’s home, a place for family fun and a blank canvas full of creative potential. However, that little slice of paradise requires constant upkeep and maintenance. From time to time, that means having an old or sick tree removed before a harsh wind or heavy rain knocks it down and causes extensive damage.

An annual examination of your landscape is warranted to maintain the health and extend the life of your landscaping or yard investment. An arborist will check the health of your plants to ensure a harsh winter hasn’t damaged the root system or limbs. An arborist will administer feedings or remove diseased limbs and roots harmful to your plants or trees, which will help them maintain a strong root system for future growth and avoid damage and disease over the hot summers and freezing Alberta winters. You can trust an arborist to care for the life of trees, shrubs and the health of your landscape. Every year your tree adds another “ring” to its trunk increases the return on investment in your landscape and increases your curb appeal.

Trees are a majestic addition to a lawn, one that adds value to one’s property. More to the point, they help prevent land erosion and serve as an important part of the local ecology. Understandably, homeowners should only have trees removed as a last resort. If a tree seems sick or diseased, tree removal experts in Edmonton can help you determine if treatment is a viable option or if having the tree removed is the only choice. The alternative is replacing the tree with a sapling that will take years to reach the same height and beauty. If you live in the Edmonton area, consider Chipps Tree Care, a local business with over 88 years of experience whose experts can tell you definitively whether or not it’s wise to trim or remove your tree.

Homeowners often believe trees on their property are theirs to do with as they please. That’s not always the case. The city or county one resides in may regulate tree removal or require a permit to have a tree removed. In addition, one may need their homeowner association’s approval before hiring a professional to remove a tree. Fortunately, a tree and stump removal services professionalat Chipps Tree Care can help you navigate all the Edmonton zoning and environmental regulations before you make any mistake. They can also help acquire the necessary permits and approval if needed, so that you don’t have to worry about making any mistakes.

Before you make any bold moves regarding your lawn or trees, consider the advice and services of a professional arborist. Remember that for the overall health, the visible curb appeal, and even the financial burden of lawn care comes down to responsibility. Don’t jeopardize any of the above — trust an expert in arboreal services.