When it’s time for you to celebrate your dear child’s day of birth, you don’t want to just phone it in with some boring celebration that anyone and their mother could throw on. No, you want it to be something stand out that they will recount tale with this birthday to their very own kids (your grandkids) some day down the road. It’s hard to do, what with the amount of birthdays happening all the time and all over the world. But that’s no excuse for not making some awesome plans for your kid this year. You won’t wish to be the lame mom or dad who doesn’t cherish their kid and forgets that they were even born. Here are a few things you can do to spruce up your celebrations so the kid knows you actually love him or her whatever his name may or may not be.

Do The Most Over the Top Arts and Crafts

When it comes down to it, their sensation of creativity continues to be the best and they need to exercise it so when they do they will love it, kids love crafts and arts because even though they are enamored with the moving picture on the television or the online games. That sense of creation may be dying but that doesn’t mean it should be dead. When it’s time for the best party ever, talk about the top using the arts and crafts. What this means is not only crayons and glue, but you want the entire limitless universe of potential to be available. Yes, we’re talking a grommet hand press, a shrink wrapper, power tools, the whole works. They’ll require that anyway, although sure the kids will need super vision. Get all of this stuff at The DIY Outlet and you can use it for years upon years.

Trip to the Amusement Park

Also you can just say what the heck, and pack up each of the kids in to a big 12 passenger van and head for the amusement park! No kid doesn’t like going there because even if they have motion sickness, they’ll still very much benefit from the food (it’s an excuse to eat a lot of unhealthy stuff and then go in the spinning puke and machine it all up and repeat), and they can always do the lame rides should they be lame. When it’s time and energy to go big or go home, why don’t you depart the home and take the whole crew to the nearest 6 Flags, or any other top notch theme park. Your kid will finally realize you like them and that’s an excellent feeling.

Let Them Drink Rum

And if you’re really feeling special and crazy, spike the punch with a bit of rum. Not too much mind you, but just enough to allow the kids learn to feel woozy. It’ll be hilarious and they’ll recount the history to their college buddies. You might think it’s a stupid idea, but the fun will be non stop and the legend is going to be told and you will be so fun and funny. It’s actually an enjoyable idea!