One thing that we look forward to after a long tiring day at work is a comfortable bed, which can give you good night’s sleep. Beds are available in many sizes like twin bed, double bed, queen size or king size bed, the smallest being twin bed and the largest king size.

Queen size beds have a dimension of 60 inches by width and 80 inches by length as against the double bed, which has a width of 54 inches and length of 75 inches. Your needs basically define what size of bed you should go for.

Queen size beds are ideal for couples and it fits better in normal size rooms. The king size beds need a large room space. Having a queen size bed gives each occupant on the bed a good 30 inches of space to sleep peacefully night after night.

Even if you are single ready to mingle, then too choosing a queen size bed is ideal. If you buy a full bed, you might need to change it as soon as you get a partner unless both of you are sleek and slender.

As queen size beds are quite popular now, getting the bed accessories is also an easy job, which gets a bit difficult if you go for a king size bed. Also, the length of king size and queen size bed is the same – it’s only the width that is different with king size being 16 inches wider. Unless you are fat and need more space, you don’t need to spend extra money on king size beds. Queen size bed fits the best in most of the apartments and gives you a peaceful sleep.