As being a natural material, oak flooring is likely to expand and hire alterations in weather and temperature. When flooring expands or contracts an excessive amount of, it’s can warp, bend, and buckle. Just one way of stopping such damage would be to correctly acclimate your oak flooring before you decide to do the installation.

You might be wondering, What’s acclimation? How do i make certain my floors are acclimated? Good questions. This is fundamental info on what acclimation is, why it’s so important, and the way to correctly acclimate your flooring.

What’s flooring acclimation?

Acclimation is a vital part of the flooring installation process where the moisture content from the wood is adjusted to complement the standard living conditions of the house. When the wood’s moisture submissions are excessive or lacking, there’s elevated possibility of the wood expanding and contracting in damaging ways.

What steps will i eat the acclimation process?

Acclimating oak flooring is not only a set-it-and-forget-it project. There are a variety of steps involved, all of equal importance.

Unless of course you’ve got a large amount of knowledge about flooring installation it is advisable to leave the whole process up to and including professional. That stated, it’s still smart to know proper acclimation techniques, in situation the professional you hired does it incorrectly.

1. Check Board and Sub-Floor Moisture

The moisture content of your new oak flooring and also the sub-floors that it will likely be installed have to be inside an acceptable selection of one another. What that range is depends upon how big it’s. For boards under three inches wide, the moisture content differential between your floor and flooring must be under 4 %. For boards wider than three inches, the main difference ought to be under 2 %. Wide plank boards – flooring wider than four inches – require much more care and caution when acclimating. Seek advice from a flooring professional if you are using wide plank.

2, Rack It

To find the best results, you will need to take away the oak flooring from the box and rack it within the room that is going to be installed. This acclimation technique enables the wood to sit in the room’s natural humidity, making the procedure more effective.

3. Ensure That It Stays Warm

Maintaining your wood warm is an integral part from the acclimation process. A heated, controlled atmosphere can result in far better-acclimated and much more stable floor.

4. Wait

This really is most likely the most challenging part of the acclimation process. Many people wish to install their new oak flooring as quickly as possible, however the wood should be acclimated not less than seven to fourteen days. The moisture content determines how lengthy the acclimation process will require, but many species do not take under per week.

Make sure to see a professional for those who have any hardwood floors acclimation questions. When the professional handling installing your brand-new oak flooring does not stick to the aforementioned steps for acclimation, locate a new company. It’s easier to take time to correctly acclimate your floor than spends hundreds or 1000s of dollars repairing and replacing it lower the street.