The United States of America is a dream destination for many people. The beautiful natural landscapes and other countless places have always attracted travelers around the globe. Not just tourists, foreign workers looking for a job in the USA have found many good opportunities there. It’s a place where everyone can make it to the top and be successful.

In a recent survey, it has been revealed that a lot of people from Japan migrate to the USA every year. There are numerous reasons behind the relocation, say, business, marriage, studies etc. However, the main reason is “employment”, whatever the reason is, you must be capable of handling it successfully.

If you live in Japan and looking forward to moving to the USA, then read this guide. To help you with moving from Japan to the USA, we have presented some tips to make your relocation process easier and quicker.

Moving internationally can be one of the most stressful things you would ever face, in case you don’t hire international moving service. A lot of people from Japan had stress-free relocation, thanks to international movers Japan. However, it’s important that you choose the right moving service. The right moving partner will assess all your needs and ensure a successful relocation.

What to look for when hiring international movers?

Keep following things in mind while hiring any international service:

International shipping services

It doesn’t matter if you’re carrying some of your belongings or your whole house, the international movers must be capable of successfully relocating your valuable belongings. A reputable company has partners all around the world, and that helps them to safely and efficiently transport your stuff to any part of the world.

Lack of Communication

This could be a big problem! When immigrants move to a different country, it’s likely that they will face language barrier issues, but the things could get even worse if the moving service you have hired lacks good communication skills. This could be frustrating and can cause you a number of problems. It’s better to ensure that your international mover services are capable of communicating properly.


The most important aspect while moving home is budgeting, so it’s better to precisely calculate the cost of moving your items. We want to inform our readers that the cost may vary depending on the country. In order to avoid problems, communicate properly and check if the cost estimation fits your budget.

Moreover, don’t just hire someone because their shipping charges are less than the others. One possible reason for their lower charges might be providing low-quality services or they’re not well versed when it comes to responsibilities.

Ask following questions:

  • What is your status regarding door to door delivery service?
  • Is your estimation final or it excludes terminal and port charges?
  • Do you provide packing/unpacking service?
  • Do you have any hidden charges?

Apart from this, make sure you discuss destination terminal handling charges (DTHC).


This is of great importance because you might be working with overseas authorities. Have a clear discussion regarding the type of currency they would be accepting. Also, inquire about the payment modes.

Experience matters

To ensure the right service for your relocation, especially when it comes to “international service”, analyzing work experience is a must. You are moving to a new place, what if you face any problem that is beyond your scope? You need an experienced person to sort out such issues.

Their associates in the destined country must be able to deal with such situations.

Packing stuff and storage units

Obviously, you would want to move to your new location without breaking your valuable stuff. For this, you’ll be needing boxes depending on the type and size of your stuff – i.e. hard, delicate, big, small etc.

Your stuff could be traveling a long distance, which is why they must be organized and securely packed while being transported. This requires professional attention, check if the movers you’ve hired provide small and large storage units depending on the size of the stuff. Also, check if they guarantee the safety of your valuable belongings.

However, while moving internationally they must be capable of providing you with appropriate storage facilities. While relocating from Japan, you could be in need of a place to store your stuff temporarily.

Authorized Overseas associates

As mentioned, any reputed and professional movers have packing and moving associates in other countries that will help you with picking your stuff or dealing with legal matters.

However, these associates must be affiliated and compliant with government standards. Make sure you’ve checked this to prevent troubles.

Better Customer Support

A quality international mover will maintain communication with you in every possible way i.e. emails, chats, phone calls, throughout your relocating process. This is necessary when your destination distance is so far away as the USA.

Prohibited items

There are certain international movers that restrict shipping certain items because of the rules and regulations of the destination country. Best is to have knowledge regarding such stuff.

Insurance and license

While hiring a service, security must be your biggest concern, after all, you’re giving your valuables to someone else. Check if they have their insurance done according to the corporate insurance policies. In case, if any damage occurs to the property or the worker, you can get coverage on the claim.

Apart from this, make sure that they have the license to move you legally. Ask for certificates. Any reputable company will at once agree and show the certificates, if someone is hesitating don’t choose them.


It would be difficult for the moving company to provide you with a precise time frame. This is because of the difference between the frequency of shipping services in the origin and destination country. However, you can request to get the approximate time (from handling to shipping) within which the relocation could be conducted.

Apart from this, search well on the internet for clients reviews, testimonials and feedback, once you’ve done resourceful research next thing to do is to narrow down your list with the best option.