Unlike other kinds of floor coverings, carpet insulates the substrate and floor, thereby providing extra warmth when it gets cold outside. The use of carpeting in a wall-to-wall application increases the insulation level of the carpeted area, thereby saving homeowners energy costs whilst lowering energy usage.

Defining the R-Value

The R-value of a carpet measures the thermal resistance of the product, or how much the material resists heat movement through a floor, a ceiling, or wall. The higher the R-value, the more effective the product.

Tests performed at the Johns Manville Technical thermal labs found that a carpet and pad substantially increase a home’s R-value when compared to other kinds of flooring. The results differed in response to each carpet’s design, with the heavier rugs naturally providing higher thermal resistance. In the study, carpets were studied with and without the pad. Test results were compared to engineered hardwood, laminate, and ceramic tile.

Measuring The R-Values of Flooring Materials

When carpet in Mt. Gambier and elsewhere is compared with engineered hardwood, it provides three to seven times the R-value of the hard surface floor. Carpet is also four to eight times the R-value of a laminate and eight to 17 times the R-value of ceramic tile. Naturally, the thermal resistance for a carpet and cushion will vary depending on the floor’s construction, local energy costs, carpet and cushion type, and the climate. As you might expect, the savings are greater in colder areas of Australia.


Enjoying Added Thermal Comfort

Thermal comfort is a primary reason why carpet is chosen over hard-surface coverings. Carpet feels warmer than other flooring because the air, at room temperature, is captured by a carpet’s fibres, which also act as an insulator. Unlike other floor materials, carpet conducts heat away from the body at a slower rate. Therefore, you naturally feel warmer and cosier in a room that is carpeted.

You also have to consider that carpet dampens the sound in a home as well. If you have more than one story in your house, you will appreciate the fact that carpet will soften any footsteps on the upper level. If you opt for hard flooring, then listening to the commotion above you can also be annoying. So, if you want your inside environment to be more comfortable and inviting, it pays to invest in carpeting.

Nothing is More Soothing

You also have to think about how the floor feels beneath your feet. Nothing is more soothing than taking off your shoes and walking across a carpeted floor. Therefore, carpet is another name for “comfort” for the homeowner. If you don’t add it to your house, you lose that home-like quality that makes a house a welcoming place to live.

Carpets come in a variety of stain-resistant styles and colours. All you need to do is choose the type of carpet that will enhance the looks of your room. Not only does carpeting offer aesthetic value, but it also cuts down on the amount you have to pay for energy.