Differing from countries such as Australia, where there are a lot of dangerous insects advised on by gov.uk, we’re fortunate in the UK not to have to worry about fatal pests like snakes or spiders entering our properties. Nevertheless, that doesn’t detract from the trauma of discovering undesirable guests in your home.


As pest solution specialists, we eliminate unwanted pests of all sizes and shapes, however there seem to be a couple that we see more frequently than others. Here is a synopsis of several of the most common household pests as well as our advice on the best ways to detect them.


Cast aside any type of image you have of charming and furry creatures – the mouse can be a huge problem in some homes, bringing about considerable damage to soft furnishings and also woodwork with their small teeth. Mice can carry germs, so doing away with them with the aid of pest control experts is vital.

What do you look out for? You might be able to hear the sound of mice scrabbling about during the night, or you could possibly notice faeces or maybe see holes in food packets.


Specifically with warm weather, flies might become a genuine nuisance. They will certainly hover around any food that is left uncontained, and are also particularly attracted to rubbish bins in the summer season. Once you find out about flies, you will realize that they can transmit germs that can make you sick, so you should act right away.

Exactly what should you keep an eye out for? It will be hard to miss that distinctive buzzing noise if you have a problem with flies. A good pest management service can provide insect extermination solutions, involving highly efficient fly killer systems and also fumigation processes, so you don’t have to live with flies.

The cockroach

These red-brown, strange little creatures adore warm, damp, obscure locations, and often come out during the night to feed on whatever is left lying around. To eliminate pests like cockroaches, you will most likely need expert help.

What do you watch out for? If you see a solitary roach, the probability is that there are many more out of sight. Roaches are known to discharge a distinct odour that may be a tell tale indication, but the way to find out for sure is to contact bug control experts who can track the scoundrels and resolve the issue permanently. Visit  for more info.