If you have an iron you like it makes sense to look after it. With a little care and attention, you can get your iron to carry on working efficiently for many extra months, or years. Here is what you need to know about maintaining an iron.

Read and follow the instructions

I know you are not going to like hearing this, but without a doubt, using an appliance in the way the manufacturer intended will help to keep it working properly for longer. Therefore, read the instructions and follow the usage advice.

Use the right water

If you own a steam iron, it is very important to use the right kind of water in it. The instruction manual will tell you which type is right for your iron. Doing this ensures that calcium, magnesium and other minerals do not build up inside your iron and stop it working.

Empty your iron between uses

Another way to stop limescale building up inside your iron is to empty out any unused water once you have finished ironing.

Clean the base regularly

Try to wipe the base over with a damp cloth each time you get your iron out to use. Doing so will prevent dirt building up on the plate, which means it will conduct heat more effectively as well as ensure your iron does not mark your clothes.

Do not throw your iron away

Even if you do all of this eventually your iron, will breakdown and need repairing. Tefal repairs from repairitreuseit are not expensive. Usually getting your Tefal iron repaired by them will work out far cheaper than buying a new unit would. Therefore, getting your iron repaired will normally save you money. In addition, repairing it is much better for the environment than putting it in the bin would be.