For most, it is incorrectly assumed that only the elderly choose to knit as a hobby. The image brought to mind might include a sweet older woman nestled into a rocking chair creating clothing for the winter. In reality, millions of men and women all over Australia knit every day, and there are quite a few surprising items you can create with this lucrative habit.

The more you knit, the greater your skills will grow. Over time, you will have the skills to knit a sweater or stuffed toys. You might even attain enough skill to sell your work and make a bit of money from your new habit. Knitted goods, such as beanies and scarves, are highly sought after on specialty sites. People from all over the world love to purchase these items for their children, to add to collections, or simply to wear during the winter months. Therefore, the choice to knit is not only a great way to learn a new, enjoyable skill but can also help earn you some money on the side.

Improved Health

Believe or not, the choice to knit can better your health. Repetitive, rhythmic motions normalise your blood pressure, regulate the heartbeat, and decrease the levels of cortisol in your brain. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for stress, meaning a reduction will help you face the day with a calmer attitude. When you complete a project, you give yourself a feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction. The only possible issue of this hobby is posture, so make sure you have a comfortable chair or pillow to relax in while you work.

Improved Mental State

Knitting has been found in several studies to produce a calming effect on the knitter. Whether you feel anxiety due to an upcoming exam, interview, or meeting with your employer, with the help of your new hobby you can sit back and focus on something pleasing. After just a few minutes, you will feel a greater sense of peace and find the strength to let go of depressing or anxious thoughts.

The choice to knit can be compared to meditation. During the process you have a high level of concentration. In fact, individuals with this hobby reported a greater sense of self-satisfaction and overall relaxation during the day. Creating crafts engages several parts of the brain, including those responsible for creativity and pattern recognition. As you work and complete projects, your brain releases dopamine, the body’s natural antidepressant.

Increase Hand-Eye Coordination

If you need to increase your hand-eye coordination, the choice to knit is one of the best choices you could make. This hobby requires a great deal of practice, and mastery will help you find the coordination you once lacked. No matter your age, you will soon see a significant increase in your abilities. This is actually part of the reason this hobby is associated with the elderly, as it is a great way to keep your senses sharp. No matter your reason to start, this hobby can only increase your quality of life and it is easy and cost-effective to get started. Give yourself a goal to reach and do not give up until you have a new skill to show off to your mates.